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Textiles is one of the largest and oldest industries with huge employment potential. India is progressing fast in the field of textiles and knitwears. There are a huge number of knitwear manufacturers, ladies knitwear manufacturers and knitwear exporters in India. The knitwear and textile industry consists of organized sectors; i.e. composite yarn and fabric mills, ready made garment making and fibre manufacturing industry of all types of natural and synthetic textiles. There is also unorganized sectors comprising of yarn, knitwear, garment and carpet / home furnishing manufacturing industry. The traditional knitwear sector (i.e. the knitwears manufacturers and suppliers) of the industry is located in and around the City of Ludhiana, which is in northern India. More than 90 % of woolen knitwear production of the country is from this city. This sector comprises of some big organized composite manufacturers like Oswal Woolen Mills, Oswal Knit India (Pringle) Great way, R.N.Oswal, Peejay International (Park Avenue) etc. having a capacity of 0.5 - 1.0 million pieces each. The most popular wool used for knitwear is Merino which accounts for nearly 80 per cent of knitwear production. The balance 20 per cent is divided amongst various types of wool like Mohair, Angora and Rabbit. Hand knitting wool is almost always 100 per cent Australian and there is a tremendous market for hand knitted garments for export all over the world. In the local market, knitwear has its major sales in north India because of the weather. India's woolen products range largely consists of woolen fabrics in wool worsted and blended; knitwear such as Cardigans, Pullovers, Socks, Gloves and Mufflers in pure Merino, Botany, Lambswool, Shetland, Angora and Mohair; blankets; shawls in fine textures, pure wool, embellished with metallic yarns and hand embroidered; carpets - hand-knotted and machine-made. The ambit of the knitwear industry also includes woollen tops/noils and readymade garments made from the finest wool and woolen woven blends

The organized sector of the knitwear sector consists of very big, modern spinning and fabric mills producing medium, fine and superfine worsted fabrics in pure wool and blends with polyester and other novelty fibres. This sector of the industry is located mainly in western India, in and around cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and in Central India in cities like Raipur and Nagpur. Important companies in this sector include Raymonds, Reliance, Digjam, Wool worth, O.C.M., Grasim (A.V.Birla Group) etc. These mills are also catering to the growing export markets beside the local market needs.
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